Dave’s Vote

Dave’s tries to reason through for whom he should vote in 2016 Presidential Election. It’s not as easy as voting for somebody because of who they are not.

In looking at the three major Candidates for President, there isn’t a whole lot that Dave can find redeemable in any of them. From Hillary’s basic greed for power to Trump inexplicableness, to Johnson’s… well.. whatever it is that he is about, it’s really difficult to see any of these three people occupy the same office as some of the greatest Americans in history.

So, what does Dave actually think about each of the Candidates and what are his issues with them? Does Dave know who it is for whom he will vote?

Will he tell you for whom to vote? Isn’t that the same thing as an endorsement? And if Dave doesn’t do endorsements, how can he tell you for whom to vote?


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  1. Steve Zimmerman

    Haven’t had any podcasts appear the last couple weeks on my iTunes. Hope nothing is wrong. Working with one of your old shipmates Curt Bagby in Champaign, IL today.


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