Lochte’s Loosiana

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? - Season 2013If you went solely on the basis of headlines, the most important story since the O.J. Simpson trial is clearly the Ryan Lochte Incident. What would possess a reality TV star to “embellish” his story about being robbed at gunpoint in the one city on the planet outside Chicago where this is most likely to happen is anyone’s guess, but probably related to the fact that most people had come to believe that he had died or worse – faded from the public’s eye.

But when it comes to wanting to be in the public eye, who is more whoreish than a President or Presidential Candidate with a natural disaster happening?

This whole thing would be a lot more believable if… and that’s one gigantic if… we didn’t all remember previous natural disasters unleashed on the planet because G-d is mad at one side or the other and the presence or lack thereof of Presidents and Presidential wanna-be’s.  Or if there were any actual press coverage of this particular natural disaster. Of course, that would mean that the media would have to stop chasing the latest on the Lochte and go to West Virginia or Louisiana, which – let’s face it – would mean giving up a fun nightlife and a breathtaking report on the Rio Tourist Police latest presser describing how the dirty American has dissed Brazil… again. As if the Simpsons hadn’t already covered that.

Now we are told that there is a very good reason why only Trump has gone to Louisiana. And in truth, the reason is correct. But… there’s a really big problem with the reason. And the reason is why we’re getting more Lochte than actual, you know… news.

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