Fun with Flags

Recently I caught a film that I missed in the theaters, “Now You See Me.” I love a good crime drama, and while this film is not perfect (Marc Ruffalo is essentially playing the same character he did in Zodiac), it is entertaining. Unless you have pretty good Sherlock Holmes skills, it will keep you guessing up until the final moments. The clues are obvious after the fact, but not so much as you see it for the first time, which is what is supposed to happen. Especially in a story about using magic to commit crimes.

Magic is about distraction. You can’t help yourself, you follow the bouncing ball and and you see what the magician wants you to see. Meanwhile the “trick” happens in plain sight without you ever noticing. Astonishment sets in and we look on in wonder as we cannot figure out how he (or she) did it. We applaud without ever considering what it is that for which we are clapping.

We’re clapping because we got fooled. And we like it.

So now the City of Modesto has an idea it hopes will “improve Civic pride,” let’s design a City flag! But not just any old flag, a flag that will “showcase the city’s history, beauty and great sense of community.” Is true that some flags can accomplish things similar to that, I give you “The Star Spangled Banner” as an example, the truth is that pretty much nobody ever sacrificed anything, life, limb or treasure after being inspired by the multi-colored cloth representing the history, beauty or great sense of community” for a city anywhere. So unless the underlining purpose of this proposed flag is to have something to plant in the middle of Broadway Avenue and the corner of the Beckwith Triangle after the tanks roll into Salidavakia and Wood Colony, it’s hard to imagine exactly why the City actually needs a flag.

But… that’s just the distraction. And we’re falling for it.

This whole design the new flag contest will cost $2000. How dare the city waste a couple of grand on a piece of cloth??? Outrage! Phone calls, letters to the editor! Social media posts of outrage and mockery! On the other side it’s all about how the City is going to get donors for the $2000, so how can you opposed to something that will increase civic pride? Why are you so negative??? After all, other local Cities have them, even Turlock!!!!!

We applaud for whomever screams our position the loudest, or re-posts the most clever posts that reflect our personal view of the matter.

And we never realize that we are being tricked…




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