Flashback – The Late Cretaceous Era

For several years I had the studio window filled with plastic dinosaurs. I guess there’s something about every little boy that finds dinosaurs fascinating and like most little boys I never really got over my childhood like of them. As days and weeks went by, I would collect plastic realistic dinosaurs, ostensibly “for Ben.” Then I would put them on the window shelf in my studio.

13661764_1398409946842335_2945707071593158806_oOne afternoon, I was reading Popular Science and I came across one of those small articles (filler) about a paleontologist who had found evidence that T-Rex’s had fought with and tried to eat Triceratops up in what would become Montana. On a whim, I eMailed Denver Fowler, the scientist in the article, and asked him to come on the show and talk about it.

It took some doing, but he finally agreed and John and I had a fantastic time hearing about the theory and the work that he does at Montana State University. So here is a flash back to that wonderful Afternoon Live with Dave & John and Denver Fowler…


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