The Sneaker Fire of Justice

I didn’t really want to get up this morning and do a show. The suggestion was made to do one that didn’t address the issues of the nation over the past few days, but even that seemed a chore. Talk about Star Trek, the Olympics, the All-Star teams, anything that takes our minds away for a bit.

Like so many of you, I watched last into the night in horror and confusion the events in Dallas. What can be said? What can be added? I was up yet again at 2am, and so I had another chance to talk with a friend and colleague who found himself in the same pickle. There are other things that seem interesting, but if we ignore the events, are we not complicit in the failure to address the issues?

converse_on_fire_by_ryuk_d-d30t3ifOr is it just piling onto the constant unsupported by logic rhetoric that the other side must be at fault because, well… they are the other side?

At the end of the day, which started really early with a sneaker fire and a couple of conversations with great friends, it is – at least to me – abundantly clear who and what is to blame for what is happening in this country. But, regardless of your “politics,” whether you’re Left or Right, Conservative of Statist, Religious or Agnostic, you’re not going to like my answer, which is as predictable as the tides…

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