Hillary Clinton Comes Full Circle

October 3, 1995 was a seminal day in American History. Anyone who was cogent that day can tell you today where they were when THE Verdict was announced. In the aftermath, the nation lost the bubble as the discussion shifted from justice to injustice and retaliation; from what did we learn, to what did we accomplish? To this day your opinion on the matter can get you labeled as a racist or a bigot or an Uncle Tom or an idiot or any nom de guerre you choose to throw at a person who disagrees with the outcome, without consideration of why that person believes or feels the way that they do.

July 5, 2016 will not go down quite as fully in the American conscience. Only those who are virtuously involved in politics and care passionately about the affairs of the nation were paying attention. But in the same vein, by yesterday afternoon, we (corporately) had lost the bubble again on the real issue of justice and gave ourselves over to partisanship and vitriol.

Once, Hillary Rodham worked hard to try and punish corruption in a Presidents actions. Now, in a case of at best incompetence and at worst, treason, she works hard at avoiding accountability and responsibility.

Hillary Clinton and we the People have come full circle. The same lesson the nation actually learned on October 3, 1995 wad driven home again.

That lesson was that the perversion of justice is always excused for those who can afford to purchase the excuse.

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