Independence Day -The Love of Generations

Somewhere along the line, maybe it started with Judge Posner, but I doubt it, we forgot who we are, because we forgot who we were.

Marker for Charles Holt, Dave's Maternal Great(x8) Grandfather and Revolutionary War Soldier

Marker for Charles Holt, Dave’s Maternal Great(x8) Grandfather and Revolutionary War Soldier

Today, people in this country will “celebrate,” a day off, a chance to drink beer, a fireworks show, a baseball game, a parade – and all of those things are fine and proper. Indeed, no less than John Adams himself called for them as a outward expressions of the joy that is represented in this day. Sadly, so many people have forgotten WHY we do those things.

Worse, they have actively rejected why we do those things, all while taking advantage of the doing of those celebratory things. If you really believe, and I mean you really deep down in your heart believe that the Founders were evil, why even come out of your house today?

There are those who claim that the Founders (and later the Framers) “got it wrong,” and that they themselves, somehow, had the been present, would have done it right. This is the proclamation of Communist and/or Socialist leaders throughout history – Oh, that generation got it “wrong,” but we know better than they, so we will “get it right.”

Meanwhile, those who accept the values and principles espoused by the Founders know that change doesn’t happen by wishing or by “being smarter” than “those 18th century guys.” They know that it takes work. Hard work. Sacrifice and sweat. Blood and toil to accomplish what was started. Those who mope about and claim that they – though they were not there in the first place – didn’t get their way, are merely impediments to the principles and values of imperfect men, thrust into a moment of time when no one else would act. With the blood of many, we became one. 

And in their actions, they changed the world for all mankind. Their love for us, and for all who follow us through the generations, proved that despite their flaws they were seeking to make our lives better and our liberties secure.

Even the ones who think that they know better.

So on this “Independence Day,” perhaps it is worth taking the time to consider what that actually means, and why it should be celebrated throughout all of our generations. We should feel the love of the generations gone before, who sacrificed on our behalf and put upon our own shoulders their mantle of love for our posterity.

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