If It Feels Good, Make It a Law

A sitting federal judge, in an online opinion piece, says that he believes that studying the Constitution is pretty much a waste of time. He reasons that, “Eighteenth century guys, however smart, could not foresee the culture, technology, etc, of the 21st century.”

So why do we seem to think that we are so much smarter today than those of yesterday? I mean, in many – if not most – ways, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise, but have we really learned the lessons that our forefathers meant for us to absorb? Santayana aside, How do we reach the point where a sitting US Judge says that there is no value in studying the past? If he is correct, why bother studying any history at all since virtually nobody, not even popular science, got the future predictions right? If scientists and so-called “experts’ couldn’t see the future, isn’t Judge Posner correct in saying that there is no way that the Framers could have either?

Or… is there another question here that is dying to be asked? And why wouldn’t a legal expert, of which the Judge laments there are not enough, recognize the obvious elephant in the room with regard to his statement about the eighteenth century guys?

Virtually every major Chat Show host across the country has taken the Judge to task for his comments, and one would expect that to happen. But how do we deal with the reality of what he said and the fact that so many agree with his position?

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