A Light Bulb Goes On

Every now and again, there is one of those moments when the light bulb goers on and I can see the whole picture clearly. Or at least more clearly, anyway.

I have long said that I doubt that the US Military, at least as constituted today, would oppose with force, what the Service Members see as a defending of the Constitution. There are two reasons for this, first the posse comitatus act makes it illegal to use the US Military as a police force against the citizens. Secondly, most service members take their oath to the Constitution pretty seriously.

But what if the Government wanted to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that there was no way that the Military could intervene in any meaningful way in a perceived uprising that was based in the defense of the Bill of Rights? In effect, any such event would then be a law enforcement issue, and in that case, the Federal Government has more armed troops than the US Marines.

How would theGovernment go about doing that?

I was driving to a local sandwich place to pick up my wife’s dinner when it hit me like a bolt of lightening that there are three specific things the US Government could – and I guarantee would – do to make certain that the US Military would not be able to take sides. And as I went through the logic of those three things, my blood ran cold…

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