One of Those Days…


Most days I find it very easy to sit down in front of the mic and share with you what I think about a given subject. Today that subject is “Due Process is Killing Us,” as said by a sitting United States Senator this past week in response to the desire to have more gun control after Orlando. It actually is a subject about which I am quite passionate and have a good deal to say.

But today just hasn’t been one of those “easy” days. I could explain it, but in the end, I let circumstances around me distract me to the point where my train of thought was broken, my voice inflection and levels changed with each stopping of the tape, and the background noise was just more than I can reasonably tolerate.

I did finish the show, but after listening to the air check, I just cannot release this as it is not up to even the most minimum standards that I have set for myself. Yes, I am my own worst critic and it may not be as bad as I think, but trust me, it is not up to and touching, and that means it’s not good enough.

I will try to re-record it a little later today when things have calmed down, or maybe tomorrow as soon as things are a little less hectic and quiet around here. I apologize for any inconvenience…




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