The Game 7 Contrivance


LeBron trohpyAmericans in general, seem unable, or unwilling, to accept the reality of any given situation without some element of a conspiracy that was formed to deprive them of the “truth.” From the Kennedy assassination, to UFO’s to OJ Simpson to 9/11, Donald Trump and now even Game 7 of the NBA Championship, there simply MUST be some nefarious collection of powers that be which got together to prevent us from finding out the truth about what happened or to prevent what should have happened.

Now… even Orlando is being called a “conspiracy” with false flag stories and even reasonably normal people glomming onto the idea that “something isn’t right here,” while still others show that there isn’t anything unbelievable about the incident at all. 

Why are we so engrossed by the idea that things “must have” happened differently, that we are “not being told the truth about” fill in the blank event? Why is our need to be fooled by the government so immeasurable that we will invent a conspiracy where none exists? Even to the point where we are willing to become hypocrites and ignore events that were similar but clearly ended the way we like, so they seem “alright” to us?

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