The Entire Universe Is Trying to Kill You


At literally the exact same moment – at least on my Facebook News Feed – the announcement came that Prince had died of an “accidental opiate overdose,” and that he had been murdered by “Big Pharma” and his Doctors.

a32ca952-1d54-46bb-bdd7-11cb886d06deNow logically, it cannot be both an accident and a murder. But how many people will take the time to think about it in those terms? Well… I spent a lot more time than I had planned yesterday thinking about such things. All because of a short conversation with my own Pharmacists as I picked up the medications that were created by “Big Pharma” and arguably keep me alive so that the Government can give me cancer via vaccines.

But seriously, folks, what happened to our willingness to think things through? Not our ability to do it, our willingness to do it? Why did Hillary have her own eMail server? Why are cancer rates apparently rising? Why is it National Doughnut Day? You’ll have to read the article because I didn’t get to it on the show… sorry.

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