Oh The Humanity

Carousel Jutland 04One hundred years ago, the debate was already raging about what had happened. And how? And Why? mostly the debate swirled about just who was responsible for this… this… disaster? This victory? This debacle? This triumph?

What exactly had happened?

Winston Churchill would describe it as one of the most critical and pivotal moments of the entire war. But to this day, sit down with any two randomly chosen Naval history buffs, and you will get at least four different arguments about what happened that day.

So why are we in any way surprised when a four year old boy manages to elude his parents and get into a place he isn’t supposed to be? The arguments sound a whole lot like they do over the Battle of Jutland – including the ultimate question – just who is responsible for this mess?

It’s actually an interesting look at how we tend to remove the one element from every story that allows us to be judgmental and critical without facing the humanity of the story.

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