Waiting For a Chick From a Boiled Egg


There’s another old chestnut along the lines that “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

I’ve always liked it because, truly, nothing good ever does happen after midnight. But there is also a bigger lesson in there which is all about not getting yourself into places and situations where you won’t be able to explain why you were there in the first place. My Dad always said that “the appearance of wrong doing is worse than the real thing.”

obama-hiroshimaSo we come to the city of Hiroshima and the recent visit and – depending on your political viewpoint – the apology or not-an-apology by the President for the atomic bombings that effectively ended World War Two in 1945.

I asked last week, when this was all still theoretical, what the President could even say that would both salve the Japanese and satisfy the millions of WWII Vets and their progeny who have a much different view of the bombings than the Japanese have.

Most, if not virtually all, politicians would have steered a different course – silence. After all, you can’t be asked to “clarify” something you didn’t say. You can’t have press and public reading between the lines of a speech you didn’t give. Given the history of Japanese apologetic non-apologies, one has to wonder why anybody would allow themselves to be in situation that at its absolute best possible outcome is “no win?”

So what did the President actually do in Hiroshima? And why would he do it? Because of a flawed and self-centered view of history…

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