The Over-Valorization Dialectic

post-140407-0-99538100-1421996304 copyA now-retired War Correspondent has a new book in which he postulates that America is “over-valorizing” veterans and that PTSD is a “temporary treatable condition.” He has a right to say and write what he wants. I have the same right to disagree with him – and I do in part. But it’s becoming more and more clear that for some reason, that idea is being lost.

Whether it’s “transgendered restrooms” at a local Box store retailer or it’s Donald Trump or some other politician one doesn’t like, perhaps even a scientific “consensus” with which one disagrees, the scariest part of our system today is the ease with which American citizens call for the use of legal means to silence those who disagree and/or offend.

The classic definition of the “liberal” was one who defended the rather extraordinary and liberal rights that the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution sought to preserve for the People of The United States. “I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to say it,” was once upon the battle cry of the liberal.

No more, as the political left (incorrectly named “liberal”), and to an ever increasing extent, the political right both seek to use the force of government to silence those with differing opinions and positions. Today the battle cry is “I’m offended by that,” as if there is some sacred Creator secured right to not be offended.

What scares me, is the more people of good sense point this out, the louder they are assailed with disdain and calls for silence, until those who are truly “liberal” become little more than gormless brooders, sitting quietly but knowing that others must feel the same way, afraid to reach out and find those who think the same.

Whether I think that Veterans are “over-Valorized” or not, isn’t being a Service Member or a Veteran is about making sure that the right to say something offensive is protected?

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