The Thursday Update

I just wanted to take a moment and touch base. Today is Thursday, and while I have been on the binnacle list Constitution Thursday has suffered. But I have been doing prep work, and soon we will return to finish the Ratification story. Just not today.

I am on my way – probably as you read this – to a morning appointment with my Doctor.

My recovery has not been going well at all. Since the 10th Day, there has been virtually no improvement whatsoever, with very limited range of motion and the quad muscle, critical to extension, is simply not recovering or responding. It has been VERY frustrating, and even – if I am being honest – a bit depressing.

However, there are some possible treatments that will be discussed today. Two of them involve essentially going back into surgery, the third is that this is entirely normal (it isn’t) and will eventually go back to normal.

The most likely however is that I will have to undergo another procedure, under a general anesthetic, to try and free up the knee and its motion. It’s not something I wanted, nor am I looking forward to it, but I cannot go on like this. So tomorrow we find out where I go from here.

There will be a show on Friday, in fact a two-part show. There is a topic burning a hole in my pocket that deals with Freedom of Speech versus the current level of political insanity that I have already begun working upon; and Saturday is Armed Forces Day. This is a day set aside to say “Thank You” to the members of the Armed Services, past AND present.

If you would like to record a shout out to your favorite Veteran or Serviceperson, you can leave me a VoiceMail at 565-DAVE (3283) or send me an eMail at

I’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening, and I will talk to you on Friday!


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