The Sandersnista Future of Politics

Bernie-Hillary-fandom-4423Recent days have seen an upsurge in what passes for political violence in the United States. Led by Sandersnistas, they seem determined for the Bern – who is NOT a democrat – to take the Democrat Party in a direction it simply does not want to go.

Now you can say that what the Party is doing is “unfair,” but why do you get to say that? Are you a life-long, or even years long Democrat? Bernie Sanders isn’t. So why are his supporters hell bent on changing the Party in which they do not actually have any long term investment?

Wait, is Dave talking about the Democrats or the GOP?

The scariest part is how few people in the Sandernista camp are condemning the violence on behalf of a man who says, “I am not a pacifist,” every time he gets asked about why he skipped Vietnam. Is this the way the future of politics looks? I don’t get my way so I am going to throw a chair?

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