The Prop 50 Befuddlement

As the old joke goes, how do you tell when a politician is lying? Answer? Their lips move.

So when politicians (of any party) do anything or say anything, you can pretty much be assured that they either gain something from it OR they mean exactly the opposite of what they say.

So what happens when the California State Legislature, led by the Pro Tem, place upon the ballot for the kindest consideration by We the People of the California Republic, a ballot initiative which says that it does something that even I said should have been done back in 2014 when three State Senators were in hot water with the law. The black guy, who was convicted for the same thing that a white State Senator was accused but for which he was not even investigated; the wannabe Hollywood Hero and the Gun importing from his Russian contacts through the New Jersey Mob to his Chinese Triad Gang Allies who guarded their outdoor and environmentally unsafe marijuana grows while using the profits to fund his failed campaigns AND fund the MILFs (not what you think) in the Philippines to kidnap and torture Chinese tourists where he hoped to retire soon while voting against the 2nd Amendment at every opportunity. Surely you remember Messrs. convicted felon Roderick Wright, ex-Senator Ron Calderon and Federal Inmate Leland Yee?

Back in 2014, when the three were still Senators, the cry went up from Yreka to San Ysidro – and especially here in the Central Valley – to at the very least stop paying these bozos their inflated salaries and benefits while they went thorough the legal processes, which they all claimed would exonerate them and yet, none of them did.

At the time we were told by then Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg that there was “nothing that could be done,” and he decried the lack of CONSTITUTIONAL grounds to suspend, dock and ultimately eject the three axis of evil leaders (I originally referred to them as “the three stooges,” but I felt that was demeaning to the Three Stooges). Then – this is very important, you should pay attention here – he demanded that the ENTIRE Legislature stop whatever they were doing (probably a drinking party on the Senate balcony) and attended “ethics training” which would address the problems of Senators committing crimes for which ordinary citizens would be punished but also would stop the bribing of Legislators which they had slickly named “lobbying” and had reached the point where even the most well know anti-lobbying and corruption group was taking State Legislators on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii to “discuss” policy and hold meets and greets.

Frankly it was becoming embarrassing obvious that the parts of the Legislature that weren’t involved in crimes were busy being bought and sold, like a Vichy French Police Captain at Rick’s Cafe American…

So they had their big “Come to Moses” meeting and then they passed a couple of laws saying that they wouldn’t accept bribes ahem, lobbying “gifts” for one month before they voted on the annual Budget, a process that used to mean something but now has been reduced literally to a wrapper for a ham sandwich.


Now, in 2016, the Same Legislature, now led by Senator Kevin “30 Clip Magazine” DeLeon, has placed for our consideration on the ballot, Proposition 50.

Prop 50 is a CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment to allow the Senate of the Assembly to suspend any member upon a 2/3rd’s vote, denying them pay, benefits, privileges and authorities due their office while service such suspension.

Leading Conservatives had pilloried the Prop, including the well respected John Fleishman (Flash Report) and Senator Joel Anderson – who, if I believed there were any good Senators, he would be one of them.

Leftist newspapers, including the LA Times have come out against it as well.


Because at the end of the day, it does something that appears unseemly at best, and probably UNCONSTITUTIONAL at the same time. That is that it denies the citizens representation while still being taxed.

But is that the “best” argument against Prop 50? Believe me, the Prop is a red herring. The people who put it ON the ballot want it defeated by Conservatives and Leftists alike.

So, using a bit of “what they want we shouldn’t give them” logic, Dave is about to explain to you how he voted FOR Prop 50… and then he erased it and voted AGAINST Prop 50… and then he erased that vote again…

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