X Is For Congressman


Dave is having a tough time of things recently, and anger has boiled over into a verbal lashing out at the irritants that further inflame his anger. Like Kirk and Spock using a subsonic transmission to annoy their shipmates and colonists on Omicron Ceti III, the news of recent days has irritated Dave to the point that his enhanced calm is no longer going to keep him from whacking something. Or somebody.

First, it was I-580 and it’s FastTrak® (don’t you just hate the faux spelling of words?) confusion for people who can’t actually see, let alone read the small print at the bottom of the sign that says HOV is Two or More Persons.

Then it’s misplaced joy over the Obamacare ruling.

Lastly it a new “book” released by an anonymous Congressman who says that we’re all stupid and Congress is a joke. Really? We didn’t already know that? So why is he (or she) coming out NOW with this book?

At the end of the day, Dave will still be angry, but maybe a little steam venting will help him to sleep better or at least enhance his calm and return to the ship to resume normal operations?


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