It was May 9, 1945  when the Germans surrendered officially to the Soviet Union. Since that day, it has been celebrated as Victory Day with a parade and the requisite mouthing of approved political phrases.

Since 1963, my entire life, those same Soviets have been the enemy. The idea that communism had to be defeated filled my every living moment.

6R3gNxajGrIX4ZBWj1SYfwfLCaPbCahz_QFTacWEnfYOnce upon a time I set out on a journey to understand the Russians, and then by chance, I ended up related to one. That chance was infinitesimally small. First it required that two people survive the Great Patriotic War in which Russia lost 20,000,000 people. But when you get to know the Russian people, it does effect how you understand their understanding of things in the world.

World Socialism or Communism still is an evil totalitarian system, but that doesn’t mean that every person who lives in Russia is a dyed in the wool communist. It means that there are weak points in the system that can be pushed upon.

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