Progressive 21

Look, I’ve said this for years, and I will go on saying it regardless of who gets offended by it: smoking is stupid.

Smokers are slobs (I know, I know… you are the exception to that rule (except that you aren’t, are you?)). The worst are the people who smoke in cars with their windows down and the gasper hanging out the window so that everyone else has to breath it in. Smoking is rude, unhealthy and frankly, well… stupid.

But we live – or at least we used to live – in a republic. And as long as your stupid habit doesn’t invade my rights, why does government get to tell you when, where and how you can do it?

56d8a306e4b0858f5a3c703c_cv1California, in an ongoing effort to be as progressive as possible, HAS DECLARED THE SMOKING AGE TO BE 21. The Governor has signed off on it and here we go again with the State deciding what is permissible and what is good. Additionally, the law severely curtails “vaping,” or the use of so-called “e-cigs,” which are every bit as annoying as regular smoking with the added element of smugness by those who use them and look right at you and say, “Hey, it’s just water vapor.”

Farts are just methane. So what?

In any case, the State has decided that the science is NOT settled on whether or not vaping is safe, so rather than let nature take its inevitable course, progressives have once again determined what is and is not allowable for us.

This is, of course, the very definition of progressivism. Using the law to “solve” a perceived social problem without persuasion.

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  1. Used to listen on 1360 on my way home from work. I get emails about interesting info but don’t have time to listen. You need to have a transcript of your podcasts, I don’t have time to sit and listen!


  2. Anja Heibloem-Stroud

    I agree. Smoking is stupid. That being said, it’s none of my business. It’s none of the states business either.


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