We Are Losing Our Mind

We – corporately, as a nation – are losing our minds.

Turns out that somebody spent a lot of money on a study that “proves” that IF an airplane has a 1st class cabin, incidents of “air rage” increase four fold. Because people in Coach are upset that the 1st Class passengers get better service, drinks and bathrooms, which have a sign on them indicating whether or not it is occupied, but not whether that person occupying it is male, female or transgender.

It ought to be pretty obvious to us, but like World War I was obvious to anybody who was actually thinking in July of 1914, there doesn’t seem to be any real clue as to how to stop it or even what to do about it. From the “micro-aggression” safe spaces to the bathrooms at Target (which are not bathrooms, they are restrooms), we’re losing the bubble and control of our society far too quickly.

That means that we are so busy either being offended or apologizing for causing some perceived offense that we have no time to pay attention to the things that actually matter or figure out who is actually the real threat to us.

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  1. I’m thinking a lot of socialist people are affecting many of our messaging.


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