The Demise of Rush Limbaugh is Greatly Exaggerated

Rush-Limbaugh-smoking-smirkingTo hear most leftist websites tell it, the death of Conservative Talk Radio is nigh upon us with the demise of the “bankrupt” Rush Limbaugh’s contract with iHeart Media which is expiring this year.

Look, I’ll be among the numerous commentators to express the idea that the contract Rush got from Clear Channel in 2008 was… well… stupid. It was “unsustainable” and a foolhardy business decision, but then it has since become pretty obvious that the people making the “business” decisions for then Clear Channel had no real idea of how to run the business anyway. So really, giving Limbaugh $400 Million ($100 Million upfront and roughly $32 Million/year) probably made sense to them. Most of us who were around back then understood that it was a HUGE gamble and one that within weeks was pretty much killing the company. If you understand how these shows get on your local station, then you will quickly see the problem with the deal. Don’t forget, by the by, that Rush is only the largest of these deals. He is NOT the ONLY one of these deals.

But does the expiration of that deal with Premiere Networks (i.e. iHeart Media nee Clear Channel) mean the death of his show and with it all of Talk Radio?

Of course, not. Only a desperate fool (or an ever-tolerant leftist) would even think so in the first place.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems going forward, and that is why the New Frontier is so appealing to so many of us. In a world where free speech is more and more a meaningless phrase in the corporate world, the internet represents something that hasn’t really been seen in a while… freedom, and liberty.

With the biggest Radio Companies in big trouble (and nobody disputes that they are), what ends up happening may actually reopen the airwaves to more varied voices, but in any case, will NOT mean the end of Rush Limbaugh.

So what does it mean for people like Dave, Rusty (by the by, notice we use the same model microphone!) and Brian?


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  1. (or an ever tolerant leftist) Sorry Dave….. no such animal!

    Do keep in mind the left leaner does not examine reality and report it. They view the world the way they think it should be and complain this it is not as they want it. Or, in this instance, hope for a result and create a narrative that fits what they want to happen.

    That said, of course, a 28 year radio career, especially at the top of the ratings for much of that simply can’t go on into eternity. It will eventually end. Who will carry the torch then?


    • Of course his show will end, some day. My point is that he will decide that day, not the ramblings of leftist (not liberal) web sites.

      The additional element of a lower contract could be good across the board for a company that is pulling shenanigans to try and stave off bankruptcy.

      And in any case, makes it clear that opportunities abound when the chokehold is removed. I respectfully submit that the previous contract helped smother any real growth opportunities.

      Thanks for listening and commenting!


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  2. Dave, I have been here from the beginning… not going anywhere…


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