Almost Time

So just a bit after a month, I think that I am almost ready to reboot the podcast.

What I look like when pain is a 10

What I look like when pain is a 10

It’s been a crazy and interesting month or so, with my concept of what is pain evolving from what I thought was a “10” on the pain scale turning out to be not even close to a “5.” When I came out of the recovery room to my hospital room, it was pretty obvious that the nerve block hadn’t been done, as I had been promised by the guy who was supposed to be my anesthesiologist, but ended up being replaced at the last second by another guy, who apparently did not get the word. Later, my surgeon would ask me if I was mad at him. I wasn’t, but holy cow, do I now know what an actual “10” feels like on the pain scale.

Once I got some morphine and later some Percocet, things were a bit more manageable. But for a few moments there, I would have confessed to anything, including the Kennedy assassination and the DB Cooper hijacking.

The surgery went fine otherwise, and as it turned out, was very necessary. As it became clear, there was ZERO cartilage left in my knee at all. None. Zip. Nada. Arthritic degenerated bone on bone was all there was. As Doc said later, it was a classic example of why knee replacements are supposed to be done in the first place.


Just before I hit the wall

For the first 9 days post surgery I was tooling along quite nicely, even walking up to a quarter of a mile on my cane, not the walker. The day I got my staples out, Doc warned me that I was “pushing too hard” and to slow down a bit. Since I am very young for a full replacement, he felt like I should be ahead of the curve, but not too far ahead of it. By the time I got back to the truck, I was in trouble. I hit a wall that for the next five days had me flat on my back, unable to put any weight on it or do much of anything. Add in another week of trying to get PT going (thanks, Obamacare), and by the time I reached my 30 day check-in, things were not quite so wonderful anymore.

But thanks to some really hard work with Hank and his staff at Manteca Physical Therapy, I was cleared to drive and – within reason – get back to some semblance of a normal operational pattern, except that I walk with a cane and I have to sit rather oddly for the time being while we continue to work on my leg extensions and later my flexing.  

For those of you who might want to know what this whole thing did, I have included two pictures of my knee during the operation. DO NOT CLICK ON THESE if you are queasy or don’t like surgery pictures. They are VERY GRAPHIC and they show my knee completely open. I am dead serious. DO NOT CLICK ON THESE unless you are really ready for them. Otherwise, just take my word for it. If you still want to see… here is the start (PICTURE 1) and here is the knee after the device has been installed and they were ready to close (PICTURE 2).

So now the time has come for me to get back to work before I go crazy. The show will return on Monday, May 2nd. You will, as I said, notice a few changes in the reboot.

Okay, I know how most people feel about “reboots,” and I am pretty much right there with you, but hear me out. There needed to be some basic changes and now is as good a time as any to make them. Most of them will seem “cosmetic” to most folks, so they aren’t really as big a deal as you might think, but to me they matter, and it is, after all, my podcast.

In short, for the last year or so, I’ve been doing a radio show that wore the coat of a podcast. As of Monday, May 2nd, Plausibly Live becomes a podcast that is hosted by a former Conservative Talk Radio Show host. It is NOT a “conservative talk show” in the traditional sense. Yes, I am still a conservative, but this is also NOT an AM Talk Radio Show, with the inherent parameters and controls that conspire to try and make someone who is not a certain thing try and be a certain thing that come with a corporate controlled structure in AM Radio.

I say the same thing I have always said – this show will be what I think about a subject. That doesn’t make me “right” or you “wrong” for disagreeing with me. It means that we see things differently and we can either stare at the walls we’ve built, stick our fingers in our ears and go “la-la-la-la-la-la,” or conversely, you can let me know what YOU think about the subject matter via any of the convenient methods for doing so and maybe, just perhaps, we can all learn something from each other. 

There will ALWAYS be stuff that we will disagree on. We all have different frames of reference and different experience. If we try really hard, we can still learn that other people might see the same thing a different way. Does that mean that there is no “right and wrong?” Of course not. But there is a difference between opinions and facts.

If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. Variety is the spice of life as they say, and hopefully I can be some nice oregano or paprika for your daily mental consumption.

I’ll see y’all on Monday, May 2nd, ready to rock and roll!

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  1. Good to see you back in the game, Dave!


  2. Good to have you back big fella!


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