Sex and the Hypothetical Candidate

The world is certainly changing, and with it change the standards that we live by as a society. What was once taboo, is now allowed. What was once unspoken except in private is now open for any and all to not only hear, but comment upon.

But at the same time, the change has left behind some behind or conversely, some far out ahead. I’m not actually sure.

I have a belief that judging the morals and ethics of any given society throughout history without actually having been a part of that society is always going to be incorrect. For example, many people today judge the framers as racist and misogynistic, without ever having read their writings or knowing anything about the society of their day.

The simple truth is that people behave the same throughout history regardless of whether or not the societal vales and ethics around them change or not. People still behave the same, particularly sexually without regard to whether or not a society condemns or accepts the behavior.

So when we come to today’s values, morals and ethics about sexual behaviors, how should the sexual behavior of a candidate outside the bounds of the campaign be treated by the electorate – who by the way behave in the same manner? If a candidate is found to have certain behaviors or activities that are not illegal but might offend a puritan interest, should that candidate be shamed into quitting or voted against because of those activities which have nothing to do with the actual campaign?

And, at the end of the day, which is the bigger ethical issue? The candidates behavior OR the use of information – however obtained and that is not confirmed – about a candidates private and not illegal behavior to smear and attack said candidate?

And yet in our society, which will be treated as the bigger sin?


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