It Takes Two to QUANGO

Just a few short months ago the city of Modesto was screaming to anyone who would listen that it HAD to have $26 Million (Measure X) $14 million (Measure G) a year in increased taxes or it was going to be fiscal Armageddon. The City was going to fall apart and disappear under the sands of history.

In the middle of all of this came a new age guru to town at the behest of the City to talk about how the city could use the money to “organize” to solve homelessness and all the other problems that the magical Measure G was going to solve. But, Measure G went down in flames, Der Mayor soon went out the door with it and oddly enough, not much changed.

Now the City says that it has nearly $1 Million dollars in General fund money to give to a brand new, non-profit agency headed by a former City Council member to “teach residents to organize and solve their problems while working with the city.”

ym17_humphreydesmondIf that is true, many questions need to be answered. Such as “Why do you have nearly a million bucks to give to a non-profit to teach organization and problem solving?” Or perhaps, “When did it become the City Government’s job to facilitate the formation of a non-profit to teach organizing and problem solving while working with the city?”

Will anything really change? Or will this just become another QUANGO* that provides more support and voters for the City Government?

 *Quasi-autonomous Non-Governmental Organization – i.e., a government funded organization that does governments bidding while claiming to be independent of that said government. Usually QUANGO’s are funded not to accomplish any particular goal or meet a need, but to demonstrate the Governments favor of an idea or support a particularly beneficial (to the government) process. In general they can be seen as examples of government largess and patronage.

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