Brandi Chastain’s Brain

Brandi ScoresYou know it’s going to be strange when the story that grabs Dave’s interest is Brandi Chastain’s Brain Being Donated to Science. For those of you who might not remember her, she is responsible for millions of men – and I guess women, it is after all, the 21st century – becoming interested in a sport that hitherto had been regularly mocked by people like Dave as “Communist Football.” She’s the gal who took her shirt off after scoring the winning goal in the Women’s World Cup back in 1999, which could be seen either as incredibly sexy or proving that women are just as passionate about their sports as men. either way, her brain is being donated to science, which has Dave wondering about a lot of things in our society today from the quality of our lives to the the nanny state that so many people seem determined to inflict upon us.

Especially here in California, where the Legislature is trying to lower the number of adults in the room, while at the same time punish people for not thinking the same way it does.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about salt or smoking or sex, it’s about control.

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