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downloadWhat you will see below is what Dave was supposed to talk about on his show today, after returning from Tacoma and his Uncle’s funeral. Unfortunately, he was distracted by three things. First, Cami needed a great number of errands taken care of after he dropped Ben off at school. Then, there was a lot of confusion and discussion about his upcoming knee surgery because he had been double booked for several of his Pre-Op appointments and nobody seemed to want to understand that while Dave is very, very good, he is not omnipresent and cannot be in two places at the same time. Lastly, Ben came home early after a minimum day and after a week on the road, he was in a mood. By the time Dave sat down to record today, his mind was far, far away, in a bucolic and picturesque little place, Potwin, Kansas

After nearly a week on the rod, Dave is back home with some 1200 unread eMails and a lot of questions about things that happened while he was gone. In the immortal words of Paul Simon, “I know what I know, I’ve said what I said. That’s the thing I keep in the back of my head…”

On the Democrat side, things are proceeding exactly as planned and foreseen. But on the GOP side, chaos reigns. And with the advent of the #NeverTrump movement, a pending “major speech” from Mitt Romney and the argument that Trump can only win in “Open Primary States” have all combined to make the GOP side of the race appear to be a literal dance with death when it comes to the chances of taking the White House this year. It’s beginning to look like the California Primary might actually matter – at least on the GOP side of things.

But here’s the real question: we are constantly told to NOT judge people by their past because they can change. Time and again though, in politics, we are told the opposite, that is, TO judge people by their past, unless that past is excusable as youthful passion or indiscretion or, in one recent case, what the other people were doing as well. we are told to only pay attention to what they promise, unless what they promise is from the other side in which case we are supposed to pick apart the promises and mock anyone who believes the promises because clearly they aren’t going to happen, but my candidates will?

So how are we supposed to judge a candidate?

If you’re a Democrat, I suppose this year it’s a bit easier. But if you are a Republican, or significantly, a Conservative such as I, how do you judge? And more importantly, how will you pick in November, when after all your soul searching and passion and careful consideration, your guy isn’t the nominee?

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  1. I’ve been a Cruz supporter since before he ran for his Senate seat… His path to the nomination is not an easy one but he’s done “not easy” before.
    The best that can be said about Trump is that he’s Jackson-esqe. (But without winning the Battle of New Orleans! He did, however, win the battle of “not being drafted”… 🙂 ) Does anyone recall -or care to look up- what happened to the U.S. economy as the result of Jackson’s presidency? 😦

    I reject the idea that one’s past actions are not a good guide to one’s future actions… There are no better guides, to my mind. In particular, I’d mention the odd and rare quality of consistency: Principled action, with the accent on principles.

    Of course, some people have no principles; or, at least they seem to have “evolving” ones. (In like wise, the “Living Constitution” is a dead document: Mere politics reigns, and we can no longer be a nation of laws, not men…)

    I don’t “hate” any of the contenders for the presidency. But I dislike more than a few… 🙂 And I think I have good reason to.

    I very much hope Cruz secures the nomination (…no matter how!). But I will vote for the Republican nominee, regardless.

    Now, if only McConnell keeps his promise, to withhold a Supreme Court nomination until after the election…


    I’m glad I didn’t add to your email glut… But I was tempted. (A little worried… I’m glad there was no need.)


  2. I’ve listened to your podcast now… And I can’t find anything to argue with. I guess I understand why you left broadcast radio: If you don’t generate controversy, you are seen as not generating ratings… But you and I both know that core beliefs are crucial — if you want to persist and garner a following.
    That explains why Rush Limbaugh has lasted as long as he has; likewise, Hannity and Levin and Doyle.
    That -of course- is counter-intuitive, to the “leftests”… 🙂 They are convinced that “acceptance” is what most people seek. That people will accept whatever their “betters” say, and “move on with their lives” is — well, it’s expected!
    I have a different view of America. And I’d like to see my view ascendant: I want people to rule themselves…
    I know I can’t say why that should or will be better; or why it will yield results we can expect to see, in the near future or at any great lapse.
    What I’d say is: “Do you want to be your own man?”


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