Ted Nugent

The definition of racism has been slowly morphing through the years so that it no longer means what it once did, which was a belief in the genetic superiority of one race over another.

There were those who supported the idea of slavery in America on the basis that the Black Man was not genetically comparable to the white man, indeed going so far as to caricature him as a monkey or ape. Much was made of the intelligence factors without ever considering the education. In any case, it was clear that those who held such view – and who continue to hold such views today (and I’ve met them) were and are wrong.

But when it comes to a discussion of race today, we are bombarded with the idea that only leftists can be truly tolerant, because, they hate racism. Ask them to define it, however, and you’re likely to be all over the map with today’s perceived injustice and outrage at behavior on the political right.

Whether it’s Trump proclaiming that he personally will change the 14th amendment, outlaw religious immigrants or even build a wall, it’s usually fairly easy to see the difference between political rhetoric that panders to a certain bias and actual racism that now and again, rears it’s ugly head.

The problem, of course, is that Conservatives get tired of having to defend what is usually a nonsensical claim. One blown out of proportion or even simply one that is “chosen” to be offensive. For example, Bill Romanowski was a dirty player and a road guy, but I doubt seriously that he meant racial overtones when he texted about Cam Newton last Sunday. Granted, someone in his position should have known that it would taken that way, but it’s also possible that he was drunk. In any case, everybody, even me, cringed when we saw it because we knew that in today’s “Everything Offends Me” world, this was going to be yet another one. Why is one incident picked apart while a half-time performance that has racial overtones the other direction ignored and those who cry about it lambasted and ridiculed as racists?

So given all of that, what am I to make of Ted Nugent?

12687849_10153470914987297_6549701424036416709_nOn the one hand, he attacked leftists who stand for gun control. but was his method of doing so something that I can look past? Is it something that anyone who truly believes in equality and the ideals of this Nation just brush off with a SMH on Facebook or a quick shake of the head and “He didn’t mean it like that?” And while it’s easy to say that he “doesn’t represent” the views of the NRA or Conservatives, when something like this happens, how do we repair the damage it causes?

Because my gut instinct is that he DID mean it “like that…”

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