Will Sanders Voters Realize that He Lost New Hampshire?

A few years ago, some whiny little “Beta Male” who wasn’t getting any decided to go off and killed six people in Southern California. At the time, I postulated, and later it was confirmed, that these whiny little Beta Males were going to demand a special program to “give them game” or failing that, just get them laid. Otherwise, they promised, more people were going to die!

It’s not just that these so-called “Beta Males” are irrational. I mean, they are, blaming others for their own problems, but generally speaking they don’t think themselves so. At the end of the day, most of them will never do anything violent, or for that matter, ask a girl out.  But, I suppose, if we can save one life by getting one of these losers laid, then the President will no doubt think that it’s worth it.

It’s the construct they have created for themselves that completely ignores reality. In the case of Elliot Rodgers, it was a girl who he had never met and who had no idea who he was that focused his rage into murdering a bunch of people who weren’t her, including his three male roommates who, I assume, were also Beta Males.

What happens when this same problem – if you can call it that – gets into politics?

New Hampshire.

947579_1_new hampshire_standardNow I get it, most New Hampshire voters are not Beta Males. In fact, the commercials and adverts for living in or just visiting New Hampshire are all about how manly and free the place is. But when it comes to voting, they are clearly Beta Voters. That is, pissed off about things that are their own fault.

I get the Trump phenomena, and the “Feel the Bern” chants too. These are people who believe that they are striking a blow against people that they have come to hate, even though – for the most part – they voted to put them into the positions that they are in.

But ask yourself an honest question: Who among their supporters ACTUALLY believes that hey will do what their campaign rhetoric says that they promise to do? And, since most rational people would come to the conclusion that Trump is fact, not going to build a wall that Mexico will pay for, et cetera; and Bernie is not going to be able to grant free college to everybody who wants it, what will happen to their support as the rational mind begins to realize that these are not only not saviors, but in fact, mere politicians with a political axe to grind in seeking power?

That being the case, the consideration is whether or not the supporters will realize the reality that their Candidates are in fact, not significantly different from any other, and when they do, how will they react?

How will Trump supporters react when they realize that the GOP will never support him if he wins? Or that he really cannot self-fund a campaign, certainly not without owing a lot of people favors? How will Sanders supporters react when they realize that Hillary won New Hampshire?

Will they calmly and rationally accept the reality? Or will they go off and completely wreck the process in an attempt to, like Elliot Rodgers, inflict their construct on the rest of the country, like a Beta Voter?

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