Super eMails L

At the Democrat Party debate last night, Hillary Clinton was asked the softball of softballs when it comes to the eMail issue. She assured “Democrats” that the eMail scandal was nothing, just like Benghazi, and that she is 100% confident that there will be no indictment.

And… she’s right. There will not be any indictment. Even the GOP Leadership wants nothing to do with this “scandal.”

The Super Bowl is upon us again! Yes, Dave is a die hard fan of the Denver Broncos. He’s seen the best, but more often he has seen the worst. including a day when the Broncos were the last professional football team to fail in a way that hasn’t happened since 1966.

But for all of the bad, there was one, really, really, really good day with the Broncos. And it wasn’t a Super Bowl…

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  1. Your right Dave. Hillary will run free no matter what she does wrong. But what’s nice. Young voters can see through the lies and are showing it by voting against her


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