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The City of Modesto will have a new Mayor, as Der Mayor goes down in flames in yesterday’s mail-it-in election. The truth is that the Mayor-Elect didn’t do as much to win the election as Der Mayor did to lose it. Ultimately, it won’t make much of a difference as the balance of power swings back to the business side of things, and the question still lingers in the air: What of Salidavakia, Wood Colony and protections for prime farmland?

Everybody has a theory about what happened. Whether you’re talking about the Bundy rebellion or the Iowa Caucus.

Let’s start in Iowa and remind ourselves of one single interesting fact about the Iowa Caucus. And that is the answer to this question: what do Rick Santorum, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, and Mike Huckabee all have in common? But for all of that, what was the biggest surprise that should not have been a surprise?
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 And in Part 2 of Today’s Show…

cliven-bundy1A few weeks back, the Bundy’s led a takeover of a Oregon town’s Wildlife refuge ostensibly over the two Ranchers who were going to jail after a GOP appointed Judge committed a bit of Judicial Activism and failed to follow Congress’s sentencing guidelines. The two Ranchers accepted the re-sentencing and went peaceably off to jail, and since that moment the Bundy Army has been trying to rationally explain why they are doing what they are doing that ended up getting one of their friends killed.

The explanation has morphed away from the Hammonds and towards the idea that the Federal Government “can not” (according to LaVoy Finicum) own land. This has generated hundreds and probably thousands of posts from concerned Patriots who have now seized upon the idea that the Government owning the land is “un-Constitutional,” and it must be stopped, with the land turned over to the individual States to do with as they see fit. which, in theory, sounds great. But in practice, might end up a bit differently than we are led to believe.

One of the problems, of course, is that the very reason the ranchers are calling for the surrender of the land to the States (and let’s not kid ourselves, ultimately to themselves) is the exact reason the Government owns it in the first place. All brought about by the saga of one particular State – California – and it’s 1850 land grab.

Of course back then… nobody wanted the land anyway…

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