What You See…

f_os_fbifinicumshtg_160128.nbcnews-ux-1080-600What you see on a given video, let’s say the death of LaVoy Finicum, is dependent almost entirely on what you personally believed happened BEFORE you saw the tape. If you believed that he had been murdered in cold blood by the FBI, then you might see an old man stumbling to maintain his balance in the snow. If you believe that the FBI acting justly, then you see a man who ran from them reaching for his waist, where he carried a gun. In either case, it is highly unlikely that what you see on the video will change your mind as to what happened.

Why is that?

Why is it that in today’s world when experts speak on a matter, they are not just questioned or even doubted, they are pummeled with counter-claims, pseudo-scientific declarations, fear and figurative torch carrying mobs as if they have unleashed a mad Doctor’s monster?

In Stockton, the politicization and rhetoric has run amok over something called chloramines – a term which until a few weeks ago almost nobody had heard of – when it was announced they would be added to Stockton’s water supply, the people most loudly condemning the action, such as noted science genius Mayor Silva, have been howling.

Science doesn’t help itself when it becomes condescending and elitist. But how do you convince people of truths when they see and hear what they have already made up their minds to see and hear?

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