In G-d We Trust

On a busy Wednesday, Trump does the most trump thing that all Trumps would do. So why is everybody surprised or even interested?

The Oregon standoff ends up with one man dead and other, including Ammon Bundy and his brown Cowboy hat, in custody when they wandered off their seized government land to attend a meeting. Or go shopping.

igwtMichael Newdow sues the Country again, this time because atheist coin collectors feel “uncomfortable” with coins that say “In G-d We Trust” on them. The Supreme Court has said that the phrase is “secular” and therefore not in violation of the establishment, so why does Newdow continue to fight it?

For the same reason that Trump trumps, Bundy bundifies and Newdow’s sue. They all want the power to tell you how to live your life. If you happen to agree with them, you cheer. But if you don’t…. well.. you’re the enemy.

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