Constitution Thursday – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

In early 1788, a Weston, Massachusetts newspaper reported that, “Little else, among us, is thought or or talked of, but the new Constitution.” The debate seemed to engross the attention of all classes of people, including women, who normally would be excluded from politics. .

vinyl-decal-sticker-9961But as Massachusetts debates, the fate of the Constitution is as yet, undetermined.

If Massachusetts ratifies, it is likely that the Constitution will be adopted. But if not, it seems that New York, Virginia will most likely follow their example.

The debate’s have consumed Americans of all political and social divisions. for the first and perhaps only time in her history, the level of political engagement is nearly one hundred percent. Even former Loyalists have and interest in the Constitution being ratified, as it would mean they would finally receive their long ago promised compensation.

But no longer will States simply approve the Constitution in quick and easy conventions. In Massachusetts, where the Revolution really began, the life or death of the Constitution will face it’s first real test among the States.

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