Authoritarians For Trump?

The term “authoritarian” used to describe a leadership style. Mostly it was used to describe a particular regime, and could be modified to determine whether the leadership was a “traditional authoritarian” or “bureaucratic-military, or even perhaps “corporatist.” There is even such a thing as a “post-totalitarian.” The point is that all of these definitions and modifications described a leadership regime and to lesser degree the personality of the people who constituted said leadership regime.

But, that definition has changed.

As far as we can tell, it was changed in the late 2000’s by a University of Manitoba Psychology Professor who instead applied the term not to the leadership of a given regime, but to those who support such a regime or such a leader.

Why does this matter? In the attempt to answer Yossasrian’s question, “Why is Hitler?*” the media and pundits on both sides have struggled to explain why one particular candidate is leading, but his lead seems to be growing by the day, despite the kind of missteps and outrages that would have ended any other candidate in history, with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

The reality is that there is an explanation for the existence as a viable candidate of Trump and others like him, including Bernie sanders, but neither side wants to face that reality.

In the meanwhile, the definition of authoritarian have shifted and is now being used to try and explain the Trump lead. The Republicans could take steps to change things if, as we are told, they really don’t want him. But instead, they continue to shoot themselves in the foot by trying to prove that the new definition is correct.

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