Abbotts’ Fifth

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is the latest in a line of Conservative politicians on the national stage calling for an Article V Convention of the States to, as he puts it in his 90 page Convention document, “restore the rule of the current [Constitution].” Make no mistake though, Governor Abbott wants more than a “return” to the Constitution, he wants amendments that could significantly change the way the American’s live their lives today.

Perhaps those changes would be for the better, but the bigger questions remains unanswered: What is Governor Abbott willing to compromise upon in order to get the things that he wants in such a convention? And for those who support his (and others) vision of such a convention, what do they propose as the actual goal to be accomplished?

And again, what are you willing to compromise upon to get what you want?

If you refuse to compromise, your proposed convention will end exactly as the last one did. Wait… you didn’t know that there has been a Convention of the States before? There was… and it failed.

So instead of a Convention, how about a return to electing leaders who support and defend the Constitution as oppose to ignoring it? And educating people who vote that liberty is more precious than a government handout?


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