Kim Jong Wants a Hug With Nuclear Arms

Welcome back for 2016!

The glorious Peoples Demokratick Republick of Korea (it’s none of those things!) announced this morning that it had test fired a “hydrogen bomb.” There are, of course, serious reasons to doubt the PDRK claim and many – including Dave – in fact do so. But…

What if the PDRK isn’t kidding and they really did manage to set off not just a hydrogen bomb, which from an engineering standpoint isn’t that complicated, but as they are claiming, a miniaturized device?

Drawing on his own experience as a Ballistic Missile Fire Control Technician and targeting expert, Dave explains why it is so dangerous IF the North Koreans have managed to do what they claim to have done. They may be mad, but there is a method to what they are at least trying to do.

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