A Reminder to Myself…

…of The Core Values of The Dave Bowman Show


q-photo-we-the-people-american-constitutionThe Dave Bowman Show regards the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme Law of the Land. It is to be jealously guarded as the guarantee of our liberties and rights. The Constitution allows for modification via an “authentic and specific act”[1] of the American people. All changes by any other means are not to be tolerated and should be fought vigorously.

The Constitution must be taught and it must be taught in a relevant way to listeners and friends of the show. The teaching must “reach people where they are,” be informative and entertaining and move them to understand why the Constitution is relevant and meaningful to them today.

The Dave Bowman Show believes that the Constitution founded our government, while the Declaration of Independence founded our nation. The two documents are uniquely individual; yet bound by the principle of Liberty.

The Dave Bowman Show believes that a working knowledge of American History is imperative to establish an educated electorate.

 ‚Restoring the Revolution

20071018_declarationJohn Adams said that the American Revolution ended on July 4, 1776. The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the American people and in getting them to accept the principles of Liberty. The Dave Bowman Show seeks to restore that revolution in that we pursue and
encourage an understanding and acceptance that Liberty must be the first principle of our nation.

Liberty is not chaos. It is not “everyman doing what is right in his own eyes.”[2] Liberty is self-determination of destiny and in the context of The United States of America, has already been combined with Freedom, which implies a unity of purpose[3], hence the phrase, “E Pluribus Unum.” While each of us has the liberty to decide our own destiny, it is our union with each other that gives us the freedom and power to do so. United we stand to protect liberty. Divided, we fail to protect liberty and freedom. We need not agree on every issue or subject. But we must understand that for each of us to become what we seek to become requires our union in purpose and the protection of the liberty and freedom to do so.

This is the understanding of the Founders and later the Framers. We seek to restore that Revolutionary mindset.

Keeping Faith with those who have served

veteranspoemThroughout the history of our nation, a minority of citizens has always stepped forward to defend her against those who seek her destruction. The Dave Bowman Show believes that the nation owes a debt of honor to our Veterans, and that they deserve the very best that we can provide – even at the expense of other groups.

Veterans have earned far more than we can ever fully repay, and we must not forget or abandon any of those who

 „„Guarding Against the Hubris of Power

0f31d2390e159253ccf9b4e7de4f7bc3In Federalist #57, James Madison warned that the American People themselves would be responsible for the accountability of those elected to Office. He argued that the electorate controls the future and the behavior of politicians in office through the vote for those who will best serve the interests and goals of the People. His warning resonates today, that if the people will accept corruption and self-serving interests in Congress and at all other levels of elected government, then we “will accept anything but liberty.”[4]

To that end The Dave Bowman Show believes that political corruption and malfeasance must be exposed for what they are – attacks against the peoples liberty.

Lastly, the technicalities of the law make it appear that some corrupt acts are “legal.” This is precisely what Madison warned against. The “legality” of a corrupt act must never stand in the way of the act being brought to light for what it is – an attack on the Liberty of the People.

[1] George Washington Presidential Farewell Address 1796. “Explicit & Authentic Acts, Amending the US Constitution 1776-1995,” David E. Kyvig

[2] Judges 17:6 and 21:25

[3] Liberty and Freedom, A Visual History of America’s Founding Ideas– David Hackett Fisher

[4] Federalist #57, James Madison




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