The Face to Face Moment

Just over a year ago, I postulated my scenario about “The Bergdahl Contrivance” (READ IT HERE), a story in which the Pentagon knew from the beginning that Bergdahl had deserted and wanted him back because you cannot let a traitor go unpunished.

You can read my theory in it’s various forms all through the blog (Bergdahl Search). I have been consistent in my position that (a) the five Taliban were going to be released anyway. And frankly, nobody can get around that simple fact. There were going to be released, no matter what.

That single fact in hand, I believe that SecDef Hagel and his Pentagon took advantage of a President who is naive of military culture, and convinced him that the trade would be a popular and beneficial to him personally move.

We all know what happened afterwards. The trade blew up in Obama’s face, Hagel was “forced” out by a smear campaign and outright criticism of his differences with the Presidents policies.

But now, the Courts Martial proceedings have begun. The real fruits of the trade will begin to be seen as Bergdahl will face justice from a Military he never expected to see again. And as a part of that procedure,  he MAY COME FACE TO FACE WITH THOSE WHO SACRIFICED to try and retrieve him.

What a powerful moment that will be…


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