Steve-Harvey-Flubs-Miss-Universe-Pageant-Miss-Colombia-Stripped-of-Crown-01Because of events beyond his control, Dave was up early enough to watch Matt Lauer interview Donald Trump about the most important issue of the day. which, as it turns out, was neither Syria nor the Mass Casualty Incident last night in Las Vegas where a woman with a baby in her car went driving down the sidewalks trying to kill people (she did kill at least one with more in critical condition).

Nope, the biggest ‘story” – and I mean that in the most literal way – is Steve Harvey messing up the Miss Universe Contest.

And Donald Trump even had something to say about that too.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Putin is using Syria as a weapons proving grounds, and Dave still hasn’t had anybody give him a legitimate, actual, real National security Concern that would justify US involvement in what is taking place in Syria.

The year is coming to a close, and while there are changes on the horizon, Dave takes a moment to say “Thanks” to everyone.

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