The surgery went… if not good. It was certainly exciting and problematic. It started with the Pre-Op showing that Dave’s Blood Sugar level was a dangerous 609. That led to the cancellation of the surgery, initially, followed by a rare un-cancellation an hour later. But, nobody told the hospital, so when he showed up at 6am as the Doctor told him too, they had no idea what to do. And that… was just the beginning.

Dave talks about his Doctor and Nurses who took care of him. Many of them had a single characteristic in common, that led to something that reminded Dave of just how much he loves this country and how wonderful The United States really is.

Meanwhile, the calls have begun to restrict Freedom of Speech in the United States to supposedly prevent the “radicalization” of Muslims living here. It won’t work, mainly because it’s called the “World Wide Web,” not the “USA Web.” And as we have recently learned, there’s a whole “dark side” to the web that nobody can control anyway. So when people call for limits on what you can see on the web, what are they really demanding?

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