It’s going to be a long week. Heck,. it’s only Monday and already Dave is both ticked off and nervous as all get out.

Once again, either our values are that we support and uphold the Constitution, or we don’t. There is NO middle ground. You cannot support and uphold the parts you like and ignore the ones that your “feelings” or your “polls show people want something else” parts. It’s all or nothing folks, and when Conservatives, particularly leaders, continue to post memes and articles that undermine the Constitution – regardless of how they feel about the subject at hand or how “right” it may be – then they are no different than those with whom they disagree. And worse, instead of teaching and instilling Constitutional values in the rest of us, they are creating a leaning environment in which we are taught to ignore and really, not even look at the Constitution to “see if these things are true.”

Some examples:

Can the States refuse to take Immigrants or Refugees?

Did Valarie JARRET say she loved Islam and hates America in her 1977 Stanford yearbook?

Did DiFi say that women cannot protect themselves with “death machines?

How come we are not all dead from the Ebola?

These are just examples of a deeper problem that really isn’t unlike the same problem that Christianity has with televangelists: Which is more important, the Man or the Ideas?

If you chose the man, you choose…. poorly.


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