The PLRI Preztel

Dave’s day is off to a painful and frustrating start. First, he fell out of bed this morning and hurt himself. Then he got into a discussion over public sector pay with a public sector person. It’ll get your blood going, but it’s not the usual calm morning he has getting Ben ready for school and reading things of interest to himself.

The PLRI PretzelTrumps call to ban all PLRI entry into the country – for any reason, including US Citizens who are returning from abroad – has the nations buzzing and arguing. Is Trump a racist xenophobic Islamophobe? Or is it true that we have – as a nation – done this sort of thing before? Is it Constitutional? Is it legal? Is it beneficial? Would it work?

The real question is, as always, under the surface of the position that Trump has posted on his site. And that is, is conducting foreign and/or domestic policy on the basis of poll numbers really the best way to conduct that policy?

Only people you trust can hurt you, which would mean that perhaps we need to look at who and why we trust. After all, the US Government admits it had a program to monitor communications for all Americans in order to keep us safe from the terrorists. But it didn’t work, did it?

The whole issue has the whole country – and especially the GOP – twisted into a gigantic pretzel.

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