The 9th Candle

There are actually nine candles on a Hanukkah Menorah. Why? Because somebody has to do the dirty work.

And when we look at the darkness around us, with newspaper articles both blaming the victims in San Bernadino and proclaiming that you love guns because you love slavery, it’s so easy to become jaded and forget our purpose and our goals.

But then there is that 9th candle, to remind us of the real ideas of Hanukkah: Rededication.

The story is, no doubt familiar to you, if not, then today I will recount the basic points to you. At it’s climactic moment, is the the small jar of oil, one day’s worth, for the rededication of the Temple, will burn not for a day, but for eight days and nights. Time is gained for the procurement of new and properly consecrated oil.

But when all is said and done, the Holy Temple – the building that Solomon built, but has been used for the past century as a garbage dump and as an altar to the Greek deity. Zeus, has been restored. It has been reclaimed for its true purpose.

The lesson should be clear to us today. In these dark times, against what seems to be insurmountable opposition, we can rededicate ourselves to the true purpose for which we have been called.

As we light each light, we can recommit ourselves, we can rededicate ourselves, to the cause of liberty.


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