The Truth Is…

From the “We must close Mosques” to the “You don’t really use the 2nd Amendment Anyway” arguments to the “We need to rethink what Liberty really is,” articles springing up, we come to a single realization that was first voiced in 1922 by Mussolini: “The truth is, men are tired of liberty.”

Today it seems that more and more Americans wish not for liberty – a word which they in general don’t understand anyway – and long for security, safety, and the freedom – another word they generally do not understand – to not be afraid or face any risks in life.

From the youngest voting generation that believes that freedom of speech only applies to them, and that they are “tired of the 1st Amendment” being used to create an “un-safe learning environment.” and their belief that anyone who speaks or prints otherwise is violating their “safe-space” to the Politicians and pundits who would demand the closure of religious houses of worship because they don’t like them, it’s clear that freedom of speech has been replaced with fear of someone believing something that I do not believe.

And while the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment means that Americans have a FUNDAMENTAL – again, a word most Americans do not understand – right to keep and bear arms for self-defense, more and more seem to not fear the criminal, who defied the laws for order and safety, but the man who uses his liberty to defend himself against just that.

Patrick Henry never said, Give me freedom or give me death. The opposite of slavery is not freedom. You can be a slave and have freedom.

The Patriots did not gather around Freedom Poles or wear Freedom Caps. They were already free men.

And those free men, who fought for Liberty against the greatest Empire ever known and the greatest tyranny they could imagine, demanded that the governments founding document – again, not the Nations founding document – contain within it guarantees not of freedom, but of liberty.

The people who demanded the Bill of Rights, did not, in general, favor the Constitution. The decried it for it’s LACK of basic protections of liberty. And they did so until that flaw was corrected.

Today, Americans live in fear of liberty. Why? because liberty requires things of them that they no longer have or that they are no longer willing to give.

Because they fear what it might mean for someone else to disagree with them.


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  1. Well said.


  2. Succinct, Dave.

    The weird idea that Liberty includes risk is — well, it’s not something that “moderns” are willing to consider!

    They just want to “go along:…


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