Time Travelling Hitler Killers

In what passes for political discourse, interviewing and discussion these days, we present the question: Would You go back in time and kill Baby Hitler?

trekforever2Depending on what political point you may be attempting to score, the question may be whether or not you would abort Baby Hitler, but even that rephrasing has its issues, doesn’t it?

This debate about killing Hitler as a baby goes all the way to Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” and probably even before that. The truth is that the question itself is a non sequitur, as time travel is not possible. So what’s the real point of the question?

It could be that Dave screwed up and wasn’t able to secure the tickets for the Josh Turner concert on her birthday, which would make Time Travel useful to go back and get those, or it could be what now passes for political discourse in the nation today.

Either way, it’s not possible.

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