YOU ARE WRONG! (Which Means That I am RIGHT!)

Welcome back from the extended Thanksgiving break, I hope that you had a wonderful time. We did, except that we forgot to get sweet potatoes and so we had no delicious yams. Alas.

ColoradoShooter-660x330I almost didn’t want to upload this show, as it is sure to piss off… well.. pretty much everybody, left and right. The simple truth is that neither side knows what is going on with Mr. (or Mrs.?) Dear, but both sides are so determined to make certain that the event fits their agenda AND that makes the other side WRONG, so that there is no objective or critical thinking going on.

Did the Planned Parenthood videos “cause” the shooting? If you believe so, do you also believe that Adam Lanza was equally influenced by violent video games and films? If Dear is “not” a Christian because YOUR beliefs mean as a Christians YOU do not behave “that way,” are not the Muslims who proclaim ISIL as “not Muslim” because that’s not how THEY behave as Muslims also correct?

If you believe that we just need to try and understand the ISIL terrorists and relate to them on their level, do you also believe that such an effort must be made to understand why Dylan Roof hates black people? Or why Christians (in your view) shoot at Planned Parenthood? 

And if you believe that Islam is a political system, do you not also accept that throughout history Christianity has been a political system as well?

At the end of the day, it’s possible, if not probable, that the Police simply do not yet know what Mr. Deer’s motivation is or was.

And any attempt to inflict our agenda’s upon his actions, is nothing more than an attempt to make the other side wrong, rather than discover the truth.

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