Are Police the new Lobsterbacks?

The video of the Chicago Police shooting a man in the street is both disturbing and instructive. When we consider the history of the powers of policing in the country, we can quickly see that something is amiss today. What is that something?

The British never fully understood the American Revolution, nor our claim that we were oppressed. In their view, they were simply providing for the safety and security of the Colonies by using police powers to maintain good order and safety.

Even today, Americans tend to proclaim government oppression, but is it really? Or is it more, like the Revolutionary Patriots, a forward-looking understanding that a failure today to limit government acts that are oppressive in nature will lead to further tyranny and abuse?

As we give thanks for our nations and our blessings, let us also consider how we can each help restore a spirit of virtuous citizenship in our country.



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