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Dave grew up serving the Homeless in Denver and Ogden. when he was just a young lad of eleven, some of his best friends were winos. Later he worked in the Social Services bizz, as it were, working with homeless and even being a prime member of the group that opened the D Street Shelter in Modesto.

So he knows a bit about homeless and the services to them.

In Manteca, the City Council last year passed an ordinance to ban camping on public grounds, including Library Park in Manteca, which had become a virtual “No-Zone-Go” (listen to the podcast, you’ll get it then) of homeless drug addicts and Parkinson’s Law.

Manteca Bulletin

Robert Schuknecht – Manteca Bulletin

Now, four of the Manteca Homeless, led by Bob Schuknecht, have filed a lawsuit against Manteca, claiming that the ordinance is “unconstitutional” and that Manteca has essentially outlawed “being homeless.” The truth is that this will most likely never go to Court, but it would be interesting to find out why Mr. Schuknecht is homeless, given his rather impressive claims about his qualifications for work…

Want to enjoy watching the NFL with Dave? You can’t go to his house, but you can follow along with his stream of consciences as the games unfold

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